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Ankush Jadhav, Abhishek Kamble, Niranjan Sawant

The medical file used in today’s world had existed since the beginning of medical care and patient management services. It consists of a paperback or plastic laminated file which is used to organise and store our medical records and reports. A doctor/practitioner writes down his/ her findings on a piece of paper and adds this paper to the file. This system has existed for a long time and hasn’t evolved in any way. Even with the latest technological advancements, this field has remained untouched. As a result patients still have to carry these heavy and cumbersome file. In some cases it becomes really difficult to manage a file with a large number of documents. The app being developed aims at solving this problem by using the current technological advancements to digitise the file system and allow a paper-free, seamless and convenient way of storing medical records for a patient. The application, running on a mobile device, allows the doctor to create prescriptions/records on their Android enabled device and send the data to the patient via a QR code. QR codes allow extremely fast, simple and secure transfer of data. The patient can thus store his/her prescription on their device. The application is useful during emergencies when the patient is unconscious, as the doctor can access the patient’s medical history stored on their device and perform a highly accurate and specific treatment regime, thereby potentially saving the patient’s life.