In this dynamic-competitive era, organizations and individuals require competency to survive into doing businesses. These involve learning organizational programs that boost the performance of business activities. Business performance for many entrepreneurial relates to output of work and tasks for good result and outcome. Due to the traditional instructive learning organizational strategies and techniques in the urban of Beni town in the Democratic Republic of Congo, many people habitually practice commercial activities with extrinsic motivators for appreciation and praises for recognition. The purpose of this study was to find out the relationship between indigenous organizational programs on desired business achievements to produce desired result and the level of continuous self-directed business performance. The results show that there is relationship between business organization and factors for indigenous organizational. Results also reveal that there are benefits from indigenous organizational for business performance. This study was for great importance to show the contribution of indigenous organizational on how wholeness from a certain well-structured group of people can lead to their business performance. The study recommended that: Indigenous entrepreneurs need to link with foreigners investors to be more successful and be recognized for their economic contribution into the region and there is a need for all enterprises to be formal and have complete systems for business management.