This work presents the investigation of the coverage level and the availability of GSM signal in Ekpoma, Edo State, Nigeria. The RF Signal Tracker installed in four Tecno Y4 handsets equipped with four different sims of the available network providers referred to as Net A, Net B, Net C and Net D was used to measure the received signal strength at the various test points for a period of one year. The data was analyzed to determine the coverage level, the quality of service and the availability of the different network signals in the investigated environment. Forty one test points within the service area were selected to give a comprehensive representation of Ekpoma. The investigation was carried out from May 2014 to April 2015. The result when compared with the international acceptable standard of RSSL (Received Signal Strength Level) revealed that Net B offered a better level of coverage and quality of service compared with Net A, Net C and Net D. It was also observed that Net A, Net C and Net D experience more periods of no signal (no network) and fluctuations of signals within the period of the investigation. In order to ensure a better coverage and a better quality of service, Net A, Net C and Net D need to increase the number of their Base Stations.