In India, Cadastre represents a land parcel which reflects the entitlement of land holding, area of the land and landuse of that land parcel. In cities or in alignment of road on goverment/ privite land, encroachment/ unauthorized construction has become a common practice by people in our country. Therefore taking quantative information, like area and extent from these maps may sometimes give enormous information about the land holdings. Most importantly, acquiring the land and making a landuse plan for housing scheme requires the accurate information related to encroachment, keeping in view the objective of providing accurate information on encroachment at plot level, IKONOS satellites 1m resolution data was used in present study. The study has been carried at one site of Raebareli road, Uttar Pradesh Housing Board, Lucknow. The study area covers 1823124.10 m, where housing scheme is proposed for housing. It has been found that there is a lot of encroachment at various plot, which has been acquired by U.P. Housing Board, Lucknow for development of resedential colony.