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Nishigandha Athare, Prof.P.R.Badadapure

Now a days vehicle is an important part of everyone life. vehicle is needed to save a time. As the vehicle good aspects, it’s having a emission but it becomes problem when is cross the threshold level. Due to the improper maintenance vehicle causes the partial combustion of fuel & it causes the pollution. This emission can be control by the automated control system for pollution detection in vehicle. This emission of hazards gases can be control by the sensor system sensors in the system detect the level of pollution & indicate it on the display. If the pollution level goes beyond the threshold level there will be buzz which indicates that vehicle will stop after some time & certain time is given for driver to park the vehicle. During this time GPS start locating nearest service station. After the time run out vehicle stop & has to be force to service station. This all process is control & executed by the microcontroller. If this paper when implemented in particle will benefit to the people & help to reduce air pollution.