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Lubna Ansari, Sana Moid

Investors have different mindset when they decide about investing in a particular avenue. Every individual wants his saving to be invested in most secure and liquid way. However, the decision varies for every individual depending upon their risk aptitude. Investment behaviour is related to activities of individual investors regarding searching, evaluating, acquiring, reviewing the investment products and if necessary, disposing such investment products. Investment behaviour reveals how the individual investor allocates the surplus financial resources to various instruments available. This paper analyzes the trading or investing behaviour of professionals who are in the age bracket of 25 years to 35 years. These young investors generally take trading decisions based on their self-perceived competence but sometimes with the help of professional advisors too. Their investment objective also differs from financial stability to additional income and so on. This paper attempts to find out the factors responsible for increased investing activities among young professionals. The present has examined the trading behaviour of young investors by using a structured questionnaire. A survey of 200 young investors in the age bracket of 25 years to 35 years across Lucknow region was undertaken to collect primary data. Based on the findings of the survey, the study examines the factor affecting the investment behaviour in the stock market. On the basis of age, income and gender it can be concluded that for young investors’ investment is independent of age, income and gender.