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Er: Tom Mathew, Kevin Varghese George, Tarun Thomas, Nithin V, Lijin George

In this project we are generating electrical power as non-conventional method by simply utilizing energy from the rail track. Non-conventional energy system is very essential at this time to our nation. Non-conventional energy using railway track needs no fuel input power to generate the output of the electrical power. This project uses simple drive mechanism such as rack and pinion assemble and Sprocket and chain drive mechanism. This project uses the conversion of the force energy into electrical energy. The control mechanism carries the rack & pinion, sprocket and chain drive, D.C generator, battery and inverter control. Rack and pinion gear system is used to produce rotary motion from linear motion. Sprocket and chain drive mechanism is used to increase the rotation of the shaft in the ratio 1:3 and this shaft transmit the motion to a generator in the 1:4. We have discussed the various applications and further extension also. So this project is implemented to all railway track, the power generation is very high