Propellant Casting & Curing Processes are vitally important core processes in the production of Solid Propellant Stages of Rocket Missions. Basically the Casting process is pouring the semisolid propellant in slurry form, into steel/Kevlar chambers, lined with rubber & coated with liners. In the Curing process, the slurry cast, is subjected to temperature cycle and it gets solidified and hardened and attains the required mechanical properties, which is essential to get qualified as solid Propellant. Process Instrumentation systems play a vital role in monitoring and controlling the parameters for smooth and efficient execution of the processes. This paper presents the strategies for the Data acquisition and control of Vacuum & Temperature ,thro’ SCADA and PID Controllers for Casting & Curing Operation and also networking of processes with redundancy. These techniques have been realized and implemented successfully in the Two Casting Facilities and for six Solid propellant Curing Ovens. The details are presented in the following chapters