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Vivek Dhameliya, Nishant Sheta

While the designing of roll cage for the ATV vehicle, we have to perform the analysis likewise front impact, side impact, rollover, rear impact for to know what is effect on roll cage after sudden impact because the roll cage supports the other assembly parts of the ATV and provide 3-D cage which is protect driver and many internal components (Break and clutch pedal, master tandem cylinder etc.) of ATV. We have to take consider each and every critical point of roll cage for the improve performance without failure occur into roll cage A roll cage is main structure of ATV. After conducting deeply research on methods of analysis we start with the FEA (Finite Element Analysis). The roll cage also provides Aesthetic look to the ATV. FEA analysis is also help to determine the material selection, material cross section, requirement strength of different members of roll cage and stress-strain analysis to test the ATV against all sudden impact. We ensure that ATV is having high factor of safety.