Isolates of anthracnose disease infested cowpea plant parts were collected from GKVK (University of Agricultural Science) and IIHR (Indian Institute of Horticultural Research), Bangalore, India for screening of the differences between conidia and setae(the two characteristic features) of Colletotrichum gloeosporoides. It was observed that the dimensions of conidia and setae of the causal agent of same anthracnose disease of cowpea grown in two different fields are different and are not of the same race of C. gloeosporoides. Results showed that average conidial length of GKVK isolate is 11.1 µm and IIHR isolate is 13.32 µm and average conidial width of GKVK isolate is 7.25 µm and IIHR isolate is 6.36 µm. Again, average size of seta of GKVK isolate is 64.44 µm and IIHR isolate is 54.99 µm. But, there is no significant differences observed between acervuli of isolates of two different places. Further, the strains were found to vary morphologically between the isolates under the study. Conidia of GKVK isolates are cylindrical and narrow in shape whereas conidia of IIHR isolates are ovoid.