Aim- Since Occupational Therapist can work with client’s motor as we as psychological problem, we can be the best mediators with clients from communities facing problems due to natural disasters or psychological and physical trauma due to migration like people from Syria. As the affected community is large in numbers, facilities provided by the government fall short particularly regarding medical field. Scope- Occupational Therapist can work as Evaluators regarding physical and psychological problems, Curators, and Rehabilitators, as the main principle in Occupational Therapy is holistic approach. Conclusion- Occupational Therapist’s core skills of problem solving and lateral thinking can be used for as an enabling agent in situations where a small as well as large community is involved. . It will be very challenging particularly with the people suffered from natural calamity (8) (eg. Nepal earthquake victims, tsunami affected victims from Japan) who may have multiple physical as well as psychological problems. The people who had to leave behind everything and who had to migrate to the new state ( victims from Syria, Afghanistan) will have multiple problems due to adjustment to the new place. . The skill of Occupational Therapist will be a tremendous help for the local government to rehabilitate the affected victims in small as well as large in numbers.