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Shreedhar Patil, Dipak P. Lahane, Dnyaneshwar R. Mane, Umesh R. Mule, Vishal B. Nawale, Balaji K. Shinde

In this project we describe the ecosystem for a village and then map out an integrated design procedure for building a smart village. We define a Smart Village as a bundle of services which are delivered to its residents and businesses in an effective and efficient manner. Dozens of services including construction, farming, electricity, heath care, water, retail, manufacturing and logistics are needed in building a smart village. Computing, communication and information technologies play a major role in design, delivery and monitoring of the services. All the techniques and technologies needed to build a smart village are available now and some of them are being used in villages in India but these are disparate, fragmented and piecemeal efforts. We recognize that the need of the hour is strategy, integrated planning and above all monitoring and execution of the activities using appropriate governance models. Our integrated design is a way forward to deal with the demographic deficit and also achieve the goals of inclusive growth. It is replicable and can be used to design and build smart villages in other parts of the World.