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Vishmita Yashwant Shetty, Nikhil Uday Polekar, Sandipan Utpal Das, Prof. Suvarna Pansambal

Systems today are getting expert day by day and intend to help human in their day to day queries. Today AI is present in a variety of fields ranging from industries in manufacturing, to diagnosis in medicine technology, to customer care in public relations. There exists lots of online Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistants that help people solve their problems. So, here in the implemented system we built an AI that will solve college related query. It's like a small scale college oriented intelligent search engine. The implemented system is basically a Virtual Assistant that is strictly college oriented. The implemented system entertains the queries of a student regarding college related issues. Authentication mechanism is used by the implemented system for student identification. The authentication mechanism includes password protection. SQLite is used for password security. The implemented system was constructed in Android Studio Platform.