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Alternative Growth Media for Qualitative Analysis of General Aerobic Bacteria Counts at Specific PH Range

M.A.Saad,S.M. El Rayes,J. M. Pactor

An alternative Growth Media for Qualitative analysis of general aerobic bacteria counts (GAB) was determined and counterchecked with the ready-made media from HACH company Paddle testers are double-sided slides to proof the ability to use the Total Coliform media for two day at 35°C for qualitative determination of the GAB colonies in PH range 5.5-7.5 because both are Gram negative bacteria, several trials done using positive source of GAB and Coliform with blanks and all the results were accepted. However, as described by Kip and van Veen, microbial enhancement/inhibition of corrosion of metals take place through complex reactions and the mechanism of these processes is not well understood. Some microbes, particularly bacteria, colonize the metal surface forming thick non-corroding biofilms made of secreted Extracellular Polymeric Substances (EPS).