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Vivek Dhameliya

The paper describes design of new twin suspension and by these suspension system cost will be decrease with same amount of travel. The suspension design is important part when you design it for ATV (OFF ROAD VEHILCLE), Because stability, prevent rollover, motto of driver safety is more required while we were driving ATV on the off road, and It will be possible by if we are able to get same amount travel from front & rear suspension system. We can easily get high travel from front suspension system, but for the rear suspension system it will be bit difficult. So twin (dual) suspension is designed only for the rear suspension system and by using of KTM DUKE 200 bikes two shock absorbers & lever with adjustable & variable amount of 10 stiffness. So, we can adjust our rear suspension system with possible 100 variable stiffness. Using of these system, we can get up to 8 inches travel which is equal to travel by using costly FOX suspension FLOAT 3 EVOL RC 2. if we comparing cost and availability then twin suspension is less costly then FOX suspension system and availability is high while we have to purchase FOX suspension from foreign with paying extra custom duty. While Manufacturing of ATV that time mounting process is little bit difficult in twin (dual) suspension system.