Kabul the capital of Afghanistan with more than 4.5 million people is one of the fast growing cities in the Asia since interim administration took place. However, the Kabul city was planned for projected 2 million populations in 1978, the influx of returnees from neighbor countries and other provinces of Afghanistan (IDPs) caused high rate of artificial growth and finally slums increased. Due to overcome this problem and take measurements for the future urbanization process, in 2006 a new project under the name of Kabul New City (KNC) has established. There were already 54 villages existed in the area where the new city was planned, based on the strategy of KNC these villages needed to be preserved and improved. This paper presents a concept development plan which was prepared for developing of a village under the boundary of KNC. The plan looks sustainable as it can establish a good harmony between rural and urban area and as well as can enhance the quality of life for the villagers. Moreover, this study will set a vision and criteria by which sustainable development shall proceed in other villages of Kabul New City.