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Pragya Singh

Worldwide revelation to the promising wireless technologies emits harmful radiations which may possess severe damage to human health. Communication devices like mobile phones, WI-FI, Bluetooth, WLAN, laptops, headphones, and cellular phones all use wireless technologies. Wireless networks emit radiation in the microwave frequency range. These radiations are invisible, elusive, and they enter and leave human body without their knowledge making it more threatening .The radiations whose wavelength are shorter than human cells enters the cell structure causing disruption to cells and therefore leading to many health hazards .This paper characterizes that radiations which are emitted from various wireless devices can be tremendously injurious, causing genetic damage, anxiety , suffocation , sleep disturbance, heart palpitation, migraine, tumour, memory loss, increase in blood pressure and waning of the immune system. The detrimental effect of the radiations can fabricate a broad range of physical symptoms. Some symptoms are seen within a short interval of time while others take several years to be shown. Long term exposure to radiation may also cause cancer. In this paper in addition to the adverse effects of the wireless radiations we are also providing the mitigation measures.