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Architect Gaurav Chandra

Today Water, Climate & Energy is related to every aspect of human life: social equity, ecosystem & economic sustainability. Water is used to generate energy; energy is used to provide water. Water, energy and climate are inextricably linked, which is of great concern and increasing importance for future. Global primary energy demand is projected to increase by just over 50% between now and 2030, which can be met by more prod., consuming water & other natural resources, adopting better technologies and also encouraging changes in energy use pattern. Water withdrawals are predicted to increase by 50% by 2025 in developing countries and 18% in developed countries. The worst fallouts of the climate change are shrinking of water resources. Climate change acts as an amplifier of the already intense competition over water & energy sources. Solving the interlinked challenges of water, energy & climate in a sustainable manner is one of the fundamental goals of the present generation. To achieve this, related research and knowledge should be expanded and discussed with in technical circles. Technology, innovation a sense of shared responsibility and political will are factors that bring real solutions to keep pace with increasing needs. Resolving growing issues will require better and integrated policy frameworks & political engagement for all stakeholders within and across water sheds. Leadership from all parts of society is must for change to happen.