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The Applicability of Just War Theory: the Case of Gulf War in 2000 and the Reinterpretation of Christ’s nonviolence Approach in Northern Nigerian Crises

Ayuba Gimba Mavalla, PhD, Joan Mbagwu, PhD, Kolawole Adeejat (PhD Scholar)

The justifiability of the applicability of the Just War theory in war conditions continues to be a difficult and painful subject because Christian teaching was totally against violence of any sort. But the question of how will humans deal with aggressors and war mongers continue to demand answers. The use of military force in Iraq by the US led coalition in the liberation of Kuwait from the Iraqi invasion has been criticized and this essay try to seek answers to the queries following the attack of Iraq by the UN forces. There are two views: the view that the Gulf war met the just war requirement in spite of some lapses for the simple reason that Iraqis threat to peace was not just to Kuwait but to other nations in the middle east. The second view argues that the purpose of the just war is not only to create lasting peace but to minimize deaths of whether civilians or military where avoiding it is totally impossible, yet, the use of the air campaign left both civilians and military with much causality. The paper is multi-disciplinary, employing library research methodology. The discipline is Peace and Conflict Studies. The sources will include: interviews, internet, and library resources, personal and historical events.