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Sriram N, Sikdar D C, Sunil H, Mahesh KumarShetty

In many parts of the world, the primary source of energy for vital activities like cooking and space heating is burning wood and other agricultural products. Increasing populations using dwindling resource of combustible biomass materials will eventually result in shortage of those materials unless and until certain measures are taken to reserve them. One means of making more efficient use of existing resources is through the use of briquetting technique. Briquetting involves collecting combustible materials that are not usable due to lack of density, compressing them into a solid fuel of a convenient shape that can be burnt like wood or charcoal. In this investigation cotton waste was used from Gomti Industry, Bangalore for making briquette and to get efficient energy by burning it. Solid waste from flour mill was used as binder. In this research the composition, compressive strength, calorific value, moisture content, thermal efficiency, proximate analysis of briquettes were analysed.