This paper discusses the strategies for the Reconstruction of the Educational system of the Fulani Herdsmen infested Omala Local Government Area Kogi state Nigeria .The paper examines the concept of reconstruction, educational system, the Fulani, the Fulani Herdsmen and Omala Local Government. The paper also discusses the co-habitation of the Fulani and Omala indigenes, the Fulani/Omala indigene crises and the consequences of the crises to include: Loss of lives and property, looting, destruction of economic trees, destruction of school buildings, curriculum, teachers guide and syllabus, decrease in school enrolment as a result of emigration and outright closure of schools. A summary of the strategies for the reconstruction of the educational system in the area was suggested and this are: training and retraining of manpower, provision of curriculum, reinvigorating normadic schools, building of new classroom and administrative blocks and renovation of existing ones in these crises infested area.