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— The low quality of life of the community, especially in the field of housing has led to a variety of social problems. The Government seeks to make the Aid Self-Help Housing Stimulant program (BSPS) for the purpose of empowering Low-income Communities (MBR) in order to be able to improve the quality of online self-help. The purpose of this research is to know the BSPS program execution in the village of Ogolugus by 2013 with the objectives of the research program in the implementation of communication phenomena BSPS in Ogolugus Village, the existence of communicators in communicating programs BSPS to MBR, MBR's participation in the process of implementation of program Design Model, and BSPS effective communication and able to accommodate community participation in development that use qualitative research methods with the case study approach. The results show that the implementation of the work is not in accordance with the provisions of the program. As for the underlying problems are: (1) communicating the program less communicators, (2) communications between a member of the Administrators group of the recipient did not go well, (3) communication between the Administrators Group to the community recipient stimulants did not go well, (4) lack of communication C.2.C what are administrators with local community leaders, and (5) public participation recipient stimulant is still low. Thus in the implementation of this program in order to: (1) the existence of a model of two-way communication, (2) the active role of public works, (3) escort should power from local communities.