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Abhishek Jain, Ashish Jain, Rohit Thete, Akshay Shelke, Harshada Mare, Prof. S.A. Jain

Broadcasting is a fundamental and effective broadcasting technique in mobile ad hoc networks (MANET). Simple flooding technique is used in conventional ad hoc protocols for route discovery in which the mobile node blindly rebroadcast the packets until route to destination is established. But this causes redundant transmission of control packets leading to collision and contention in network. This problem is referred as broadcasting storm problem. To overcome this problem, neighbor coverage based probabilistic rebroadcasting protocol is used which combines the merits of neighbor coverage knowledge and probabilistic method. In order to effectively exploit the neighbor coverage knowledge, rebroadcast delay is used to determine the forwarding order and then we calculate rebroadcast probability by combining additional coverage ratio and connectivity factor. This approach can significantly reduce the end-to-end delay by reducing the routing overhead and increasing packet delivery ratio to improve routing performance of the network.