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Manav Aggarwal, Bhuvan Lamba

M-Commerce is the latest initiative by the mobile internet technology. The movement of new technology has become a trend in the market. The brand leaders in the market always try several initiatives to capture the market as well as new customers and m-commerce is the new way to the industry to link with their customers easily. The need of mobile commerce to businessman is very vital. The role of new technology was moving very prompt in the market. The role of technology helps the industry to promote their products for each mobile internet user customer with the help of mobile applications and software. MCommerce has an option to the mobile internet users to purchase or order their products anytime with the help of mobile web. This paper explores the role of mobile commerce in the new era of technology. The role of mobile technology has already changed the nature of customer vastly and e-commerce also provides the root to m-commerce in its success.