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Amala Jeen A, Mohanavalli Krithika R

A network is nothing but multiple nodes are connected with each other in some manner. The communication between each node and the topology of the network are important to make the environment more efficient. The communications between systems are broadly categorized into two; that are wired and wireless communication. In wired network, each node will be connected through physical wires and follows a topology. But in wireless network the communication between each node will be happen a centralized node called Access Point. In wireless environment a special wireless network is called MANET, in which there will be no centralized Access Points. MANET is nothing but Mobile Ad-hoc NETwork. In MANET each node acts as a sender and receiver. And there is no fixed route between nodes. Based on the nodes reachable, node will change the routing table dynamically. So the mobility and scalability of the nodes will not impact the MANET. The self-configuring ability of the MANET made it popular in military applications and emergency recovery. So the communication between each node should be more secure and trustable. And it’s important to identify the malicious nodes in MANET too. The malicious nodes are nodes which are not able to sends packets further or the nodes which are sends false report to the sender. To identify these malicious nodes and sends the messages with more secure with authorization need to implement new Intrusion Identification System called Digital Signature with Acknowledgement name as Enhanced Adaptive Acknowledgement. The objective of MANET is fast communication. So its need to analyze the network throughput also once the new Intrusion Identification System introduced.