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Bhagyalaxmi Pandi

In future the Internet becomes the critical information infrastructure for both personal and business applications for fast and reliable. A voice over internet protocol is IP based packet-switched networks (i.e. Internet) with public packet switched networks (i.e. EIGRP). The key building block of a VoIP gateway is an IP Phone system that interfaces with the EIGRP, RIP, OSPF and converts analog signals from these protocols to digital signals that can be manipulated by a computer and vice versa. Today’s exterior routing protocol, BGP and PSTN is known to be packet loss in reacting and recovering from network failures. Many techniques have been focused on the performance and security and reducing packet loss. However, those approaches require modifying BGP, SIP or PSTN which makes them impractical in the Internet. So in this paper, we proposed a simple and practical approach to strengthen the working of packet tracer ,no packet loss and security to reach a message and voice call by using interior routing protocols RIP, EIGRP, OSPF. Our experimental result reveals that it can reduce packet loss, cost and security during link failures significantly by using Cisco Packet tracer 5.3.3. Keywords: VOIP, RIP, OSPF, EIGRP, Security, no Packet loss.