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Impact of Potential Induced Degradation on Solar PV Module

Harmanpreet Singh, Narinder Sharma, Amresh Shriwastva

Since solar energy generation is getting more and more important worldwide PV systems and solar parks are becoming larger consisting of an increasing number of solar panels being serially interconnected. As a consequence panels are frequently exposed to high relative potentials towards ground causing High Voltage Stress (HVS). Depending on the technology different types of Potential Induced Degradation (PID) occur. This paper is focusing on PID of wafer based standard p-type silicon technology aiming on increasing life times for solar panels once exposed to external potentials in the field. A test setup is presented for simulation of the PID in the lab and the influence of cell properties on PID is demonstrated in order to reveal the cell being the precondition for the PID. However, PID can also be stopped or minimized on panel and system level as shown in the paper.