Caralluma truncato-coronata (Sedgw.) Gravely & Mayur is one of the endangered and rare genera of the Dogbane family, Apocynaceae was extracted by ethanolic Soxhlet method and was phytochemically screened by GC-MS. Among the compounds screened, the bioactivity and the name of the compound viz., Styrene, Deferiprone, Amyl acetate, Cetyl alcohol, Docosanol, Octadecene, Stearic acid, Phytol, Diacetylverrucarol, an amine alkene, a terpenoid and a cyano compound were identified. This report is the first of its kind to analyse the ethanolic constituents of C.truncato-coronata using GC-MS.The results of the GC-MS profile can be used as pharmacognostical tool for the identification of the plant. GC-MS analysis showed the existence of various compounds with different chemical structures. The presence of various bioactive compounds confirms the application of C.truncato-coronata for various ailments by traditional practioners. The antimicrobial susceptibility testing on the human pathogenic bacteria and fungi on Agar Well diffusion Method in MHA significantly recorded the maximum inhibitory zone in Candida tropicalis and Enterococcus faecalis.The isolation of individual phytochemical constituents may proceed to find a novel drug.