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Rashmi Revanna. A, Sunil L. Tade

Continuous monitoring of heart is required to obtain a better understanding of the key medical variables by increasing the measuring frequency. Development of new wearable bio-medical sensors within a wireless infrastructure opens up possibilities for new tele-medicine applications leading to significant improvements in continuous monitoring and better quality of patient care. Here new concept for a wireless electrocardiogram (ECG) system intended for continuous monitoring of ECG activity is described. Patient will be wearing an ECG sensor, "Wearable electrode", which measures the ECG signal. The measured signal will be first amplified and filtered. This analog signal will be digitized using analog to digital converter. UART of processor will transmit these digitized signals to Bluetooth module from where data will be transmitted wirelessly. This data is read by the android application built in smart phone via Bluetooth and it will also record the data. This recorded data can be accessed globally via internet. The data can be sent to medical centres to get the early treatment opportunity. User can observe the ECG waveforms on Smart phone display screen to get the proper heart condition. The user can store the ECG waveform for further processing. For short term storage purpose ECG can be stored on SD of Smart phone also. Or it can also be sent to the computer or laptops for long term storage and can be transmitted to medical centres or physicians via internet.