This research study was carried out to see the effect of atherosclerotic changes inside femoral arteries with the help of diagnostic Ultrasound. Atherosclerosis in femoral arteries is meant by any kind of damage to internal thin cell lining of arterial walls of femoral arteries called as endothelium, which may be due to consistent or rapid increase in blood pressure or high level of fat deposition. To see the effect of atherosclerotic changes in the femoral arteries of some cases, the method of finding a change along x-axis and y-axis in the structure of triphasic type of ultrasound image waveform was used. The change was found to be like the production of biphasic type of ultrasound image with prolonged portion of diastole and small peak of systole. In case of monophasic type only low peak systole occurred with no portion of diastole. Five cases were taken for study. All these cases had a history of high blood pressure and use of unbalanced diet in their normal routine. It was concluded that formation of prolonged diastole along x-axis with low peak of systole along y-axis in biphasic type of ultrasound image, and formation of low peak systole along y-axis without any component along x-axis in monophasic type of ultrasound image, both are good indicator of atherosclerotic changes in the femoral arteries.