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Rajeev Kumar

Communication is the god given gift that enables intellectual and cultural exchange and builds up our competence in social behavior. So now we are living in the information age. The internet and cloud computing has taken communication to unimaginable attitudes. Cloud computing entrusts remote services with a user's data, software and computation. But many questions arise when we think of security. Is Cloud computing communication private and security? But encrypted messages can still be tracked revealing who is talking to whom. The term Cloud Computing refers to the concept where the shared servers provide resources such as data, software to the clients. In order to use a Cloud service all you need is a web browser and an internet. The biggest Disadvantage in cloud computing is the data security. Because the data that is being stored in the cloud will be stored in the cloud provider’s server and hence this results in hacking of data by unauthorized person. In the business model using software as a service, users are provided access to application software and databases. The cloud providers manage the infrastructure and platforms on which the applications run. In this paper we gave our proposal, how we can secure our data in cloud computing. Our idea is based on implementing the Spread spectrum Image. Steganography’s (SSIS) in cloud computing platforms .we hope it will be very beneficial for the user who loves cloud platform but hesitating to use because of the data security issue