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Vrushali R. Charde, Prof. Nitin S. More

Many data owners use cloud to outsource their data as cloud provides a platform to store a large amount of data which is very convenient and also reduces the data management cost. But, due to its complex computational structure and data handling techniques, the cloud is unable to provide the security for all the stored data. As well as the cloud storage systems are most vulnerable for the data security due to their internal data sharing among the servers. Therefore, by applying strong cryptography techniques, the data is stored in encrypted format over the cloud. But performing a search on this encrypted data is a real challenge as cloud provides a big storage capacity. Therefore, to solve this issue, many techniques are invented to perform the search on this encrypted data, but no method is providing complete accuracy because this mainly depends on the document content. The major drawback is all have a huge time complexity. Therefore, this paper approaches in improving the process of fast searching of encrypted data in the cloud. The proposed system puts forward an idea of correlation technique which is forwarded with inverted index and multi-parallel working threads.