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Arshad Hashmi, Omar M. Barukab

Cloud Computing becomes an attractive proposition because of long-term potential advantage by reducing the cost of services and thereby gaining more business outcomes. It is capable of transferring facilities by using the internet in a secured manner economically. It has got interested from both industry and academia. The shared utilization characteristics enhance the proficiencies of the hardware resources of cloud computing. By virtue of this feature, a cloud is being used by commercial and specific users to make available their data in form of either application or service. Security concern originates because of the sharing environment in which external administration for the migration of user's assets takes place. A comprehensive review in order to find major gaps and issues related to security comes under cloud computing has been tried to present. The issues belong to security and its possible countermeasure has been found out and present. The increased number of cloud services becomes the root cause of infrastructural complexity behind the services. For operating and managing this complex infrastructure effective monitoring is essential. After conducting the study I found the survey lacks the comprehensive analysis for the monitoring of the cloud. So this paper also includes the detailed discussion of monitoring systems for the cloud. Current platforms and services related to Cloud monitoring have been discussed which is needed for making informed decisions. This survey also includes the discussions belong to research platform required for cloud infrastructure so that the researchers can identify the appropriate way for simulation or prototype implementation for further evaluation.