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A Study on Determining Optimal Meeting Locations

Abhijeet Jagadale, Dipak Chavan, Akshay Jadhav, Prashant Almalkar

There are lots of smart-phones and mobile devices are continuously increases and fully interconnected to city or town population is more and more addicted to these appliance to develop and arrange their daily lives. These applications preferred locations of particular users or a group of users to create the required service, that jeopardizes their privacy; users don't essentially wish to expose their preferred or current position to the service provider or to different, presumptively untrusty users. In this paper, we tend to offer secrecy-conserving algorithms for deciding Associate in nurturing best meeting area for a group or bunch of users. We try to execute a radical privacy analysis by formally measuring secrecy-loss of the projected approaches. So as to verify the operation of our algorithms during a genuine readying, we tend to improve and notice at their execution capability on Nokia smart-phones. By the study of targeted users we try to plan to get Associate in nurturing insight into the privacy-cognizance of users in area based mostly services and also the ability to use the projected solutions.